Achieving new goals

I’ve worked with children all my adult life to date and it really is one of the most rewarding roles one can choose to take as a career. I have been so fortunate. However I have had a burning desire for about a year now to venture out of my comfort zone and explore an avenue which I feel my faith in God and my life experiences have led me too. That is an avenue towards working with those less fortunate than myself. A few months ago I witnessed over a period of about 2 weeks a young man sleeping rough in Crewe at first I just passed him by with the thought that he would only be there for an odd night however when I passed him morning after morning on the way to the bus stop it occurred to me that perhaps he really was all alone or if not felt like he was. One evening after a long day at work I saw the end of a sleeping bag in the same doorway and knew it was him. I rustled around in my bag knowing I had left a couple of pieces of fruit from my lunch and handed them to him, nothing exciting, sadly no sausage butty or even a packet of crisps. I had been advised by a friend not to give money but really felt for this young gent who looked younger than myself. I had to give him something. He was so grateful. I had witnessed his gratitude that morning too as some local workers passed him a pastry on their way to work so I wasn’t afraid to make an offering. However I went home that evening but instead of feeling a warm glow I felt immense sadness and grief for this young lad so much so I broke down in to floods of tears. Having lost my brother just a year previous who must have only been around the same age I couldn’t bear to think of him as feeling alone. I wasn’t thinking that I had the ability to save this person but I thought I need to do something more…I even went to my fridge and thought of making him a ham roll and running back round the corner but I spoke to my husband and he said I had done enough for today and it was getting dark and I too had to eat after a full day at work. I took on board my husbands guidance but the day after I prepared myself to pass him again on the way to get the bus he was there but sleeping and that evening was there again but was speaking with some young people I thought this was lovely and lo and behold I didn’t see him again after this and learnt a week or so after that he had been helped, he had found shelter and work, this filled me with such hope and belief in the kindness of ordinary folk and our ability to reach out to those who have fallen on hard times.

No one is a lost cause we each have a potential to fulfil and we should all feel valued. I hope that I contributed if only a little to that mans feeling of self-worth and gave him some indication that he was thought of. There will always be people who don’t have the time of day for those less fortunate than themselves. We can all want to help others but still make a habit of putting our own needs first. We are only human and we work hard for what we have in life but I have learnt that we can care for others in equal measure. Any of us can fall on hard times and need that person we know or even a stranger to help us in our time of need. I know I am more open-minded now and if I can just help someone at some point feel better about themselves perhaps I will feel a warm feeling inside knowing I have made a difference but only with the hope that the person I have helped feels even warmer and as though they do matter to someone… I am hoping to work hard to achieve more for others than myself, of course I want to achieve a sense of satisfaction and contentment but I don’t want to be self-righteous I want to see others succeed through perseverance and and a desire to not give up or give in! 


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